Scientific Board

The field of megalithic culture, especially the megalithic tombs and the Funnel Beaker culture, is represented in the Scientific Advisory Council of Megalithic Routes e.V. by the following specialists and their scientific expertise:

  • Archaeology (subdivided into prehistory, archaeoastronomy, physical anthropology, the protection of historic buildings and monuments, restoration and conservation)
  • Historical research (subdivided into the history of religion, mythology and reception history)
  • Landscape history (subdivided into geography, landscape architecture/open space planning, botany and soil science)
  • Public relations (subdivided into tourism and museology)

The Scientific Advisory Council consists of members who act with scientific competence and in accordance with the purpose of the Association.The members of the Advisory Council are appointed by the Board of the Association. The work of the Council is of paramount importance for the whole network, the Scientific Advisory Council advises the Board; initiates projects of scientific research, publication and documentation or implements them with the approval of the Board and maintains contacts with experts from the relevant sciences in Europe. The Scientific Advisory Council may co-opt scientists from home and abroad as corresponding (extraordinary) members. The Scientific Advisory Council shall adopt its own rules of procedure to be approved by the Board.

Spheres of action are:

  • The analysis of particularities of cultural historical (Neolithic) assets in the member states as a basis for joint cross-marketing, relating them to sustainable tourism use and showing their development potential
  • Development of criteria for an appropriate presentation of historic monuments
  • The evaluation of Neolithic heritage (tourist criteria for highlight sites have been developed, cultural-historical criteria have to be created and applied)
  • Creation of knowledge about the Neolithic period through educational offers:
    1. Public talks offered by adult education centres
    2. Guided tours for every age with special themes
    3. One-day trips along the Megalithic Routes
    4. Making contact with schools
    5. Books for all age groups in different languages
  • Dissemination of knowledge through the press, publications and our website

Advising on and proposing projects involving scientific research and fostering contacts with representatives of the relevant sciences in Europe are the main tasks of the Advisory Council.

Members of the scientific board:

  • Prof. Dr. Johannes Müller from the University of Kiel (Germany) as designated chair for the Advisory and Scientific Council
  • Dr. Niels H. Andersen (DK)
  • Malou Blank Backlund (S)
  • Prof. Timothy Darvill (GB)
  • Torben Dehn (DK)
  • Dr. Andreas Hänel (D)
  • Dr. Lutz Klassen (DK)
  • Prof. Daan Raemaekers (NL)
  • Dr. Bettina Schulz Paulsson (S)