Meeting of Spanish partners

The Spanish partners of “Megalithic Routes”, the Council of Europe’s Culture Route, met last Friday 29 May to establish the basis for closer collaboration and to develop joint projects in Spain.

The technicians from Seró Espai Transmissor (Lleida-Catalonia), Dolmen de Soto in Trigueros (Huelva-Andalusia) and the territories of Campoo-Los Valles (Cantabria) and Sobrarbe (Huesca-Aragon) shared ideas, problems, established channels of communication and exchanged opinions.

They agreed on a new working meeting to be held in September, to design the first joint action, which will focus on the schoolchildren of each territory and their megalithic heritage.

The aim is to encourage young people to get closer to our megalithic heritage and to strengthen ties between the different territories that share a common prehistoric heritage and that form part of this cultural route, which will celebrate the tenth anniversary of its declaration by the Council of Europe in 2023.

Picture: Previous  activity with children in Dolmen of Tella in Sobrarbe (Huesca-Aragón)
Comarca de Sobrarbe Photographic Archive. C. Benítez.