Hein Klompmaker new Chair of Megalithic Routes

Borger – last week, the European Network ‘Megalithic Routes’ visited the Hunebedcentrum (NL) for a meeting. At the Annual General Meeting, Hein Klompmaker, director of the Hunebedcentrum at Borger was elected Chair.

It will be his task to move the organisation a step further and see to it more European countries will connect with the network. Megalithic monuments, meaning monuments built in prehistory from large stones, are known from most European countries. Locally in Drenthe (NL) they are known as „hunebedden“. Several years ago, partners from Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands joined in a new organisation, ‘Megalithic Routes’. Their goal ist o connect the many prehistoric constructions made with large stones by means of routes, information, museums, knowledge and education.

Schilderübergabe in Borger