European Conference “Committed to Europe” in Berlin

On 10 November 2018 for the first time Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, represented by European Route of Megalithic Culture, took part in the European Conference in Berlin “Committed to Europe”.

100 participants, 30 civil society projects from all over Europe, interesting inputs by Mayor Christophe Rouillon, Coulaines/France and Prof Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha, University of Karlsruhe/Germany, lively discussions in three working groups and the proclamation of the European Republic by the The European Balcony Project – the organizer “A Soul for Europe – Cities for Europe” is proud of the results of the conference.

Background: The fall of the Berlin Wall on the 9th of November, 1989 not only terminated the partition of Germany, it also put an end to the division of Europe. Building on this experience, the annual “State of Europe” Speech in Berlin, given in turns by one of the high representatives of the European Union, is a forum for EU leaders to express their fundamental concerns and thoughts on the future of Europe. This speech has for the past years formed the centre of a number of events organized by Stiftung Zukunft Berlin and its initiatives “A Soul for Europe” and “Cities for Europe”. The common goal of these activities is to foster a dialogue between citizens and politicians and to contribute to the public debate on Europe.

The conversation thus focuses on the following aspects:

  1. Europe affects all of us: we, the European citizens, as well as the elected representatives are responsible for intensifying and strengthening the European integration project.
  2. We have to develop Europe from the bottom up: Europe is not only driven by institutions and governments but also by citizens themselves.
  3. European cities and European Culture play a fundamental role in determining the future of Europe – particularly at this point in time, when the 2019 European elections are only a half year away

In addition to a keynote speech, the presentation of a few cities´ exemplary strategies and approaches, and the EUROPEAN MARKET PLACE – in which initiatives and projects can present their work – the conference will offer participants various occasions for networking and to exchange experiences.

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Comitted to Europe
Comitted to Europe