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Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf

Since 1997 the Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf at Dithmarschen, has been working towards re-establishing a Neolithic cultural landscape on an archaeologically and ecologically interesting area of about 80 acres. To realise this idea the project has taken two important steps. First, mostly through natural long-term regeneration a landscape has been created that in its structure, proportion, and composition recalls a Neolithic environment...

Cycling Event

In april 2014 Museum Southeast Denmark will launch a bicycle tour of megaliths on west møn. The route will focus on small roads and large megaliths. Together with a nature guide, this archaeological tour will focus on the megalithic culture in one of the most important neolithic areas in Denmark. 

International “Night of Myths and Legends”

In every country and at many sites, megalithic tombs are given different names which recall countless tales and legends. On the eve of 21 September 2013, the autumnal equinox, these mysterious stories will come to life again during the “Night of Myths and Legends”. All events will take place at the same time in many European locations. At the sites where the megalithic culture has left particularly impressive monuments, the aim is to let these amazing “big stones” speak to us in an unusual way through special scenic presentations.

Visitors of all ages are invited to undertake an exciting journey to the world of the Neolithic Age. Admission to all events is free.