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Visitors can already visit the dolmen of Cabeço d'Ante at UNESCO Naturtejo Global Geopark, Portugal

  • Posted on: 23 October 2017
  • By: Megalithic Routes
Dolmen of Cabeco Dante

Last week the dolmen of Cabeço d'Ante with a lifting was presented to the public. This is the fifth megalithic monument ready for tourist visit in the territory of this Geopark located in the Centre of Portugal, and there are two more being excavated for the same purpose. Several people came to the place to see the results of the restoration and learn about this dolmen with the archaeologist João Carlos Caninas, responsible for the project. The dolmen of Cabeço d'Ante, dated from the second half of the 4th millennia BC to the beginning of the 5th millennia, has now a fresh new look and is integrated in the Vilas Ruivas walking Trail. The results of the excavations conducted by the Associação de Estudos do Alto Tejo were also presented to the locals from the village of Vilas Ruivas at the local association's bar. The main result is the finding of remains of a young hunter girl surrounded by many objects which included a big collection of arrowheads made of flint and even rock crystal. The results of the scientific works will be published soon. It is worth to remind that the territory of the Geopark has an inventory of 300 megalithic monuments but only five are ready to be appreciated. More information about them can be found at the Megalithic Route website.

“Megalithic Routes”. Inter-municipal meeting to the implementation of megalithic routes in central Portugal

  • Posted on: 13 July 2015
  • By: Megalithic Routes

Megalithic monuments of the region have been visited by Daniela Hauf, responsible for the Council of Europe’s project entitled “Megalithic Routes”.
Invited by Eon, Indústrias Criativas, Lda., this researcher presented the project in Viseu, on the 7th this month, in a meeting where the municipalities of Carregal do Sal, Moimenta da Beira, Nelas, Sever do Vouga, Tondela, Oliveira de Frades, Viseu and Vouzela were represented.
Started in 2011, this project is part of the Council of Europe’s Cultural Routes and aims at the appreciation and disclosure of Europe’s megalithic heritage, the oldest manifestation of the European cultural identity. The objective of this initiative is the creation and promotion of local routes that may integrate this transnational project that already includes Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, England and Spain.
After the presentation, everyone were unanimous in considering this project crucial to the international projection of this important heritage from the Beira region as another potential development factor in the areas of tourism and culture.
The next step will be the preparation of a document, to be elaborated by Eon, Lda. in articulation and collaboration with the municipalities and the Inter-municipal Communities, which will be submitted to “Megalithic Routes” before its next general meeting, to take place in Copenhagen in May 2016.