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Ainsa - Plaza Mayor
The General Assembly 2018 took place from 7. to 8. June in Ainsa/Spain, perfectly hosted by our member Comarca de Sobrarbe.
Dolmen of Cabeco Dante
Last week the dolmen of Cabeço d'Ante with a lifting was presented to the public.
The association wishes to establish an interpretation centre for the many megalithic grave monuments of the Stone Age TRB Culture which one can find al around South Zealand and Møn.
Megalithic monuments of the region have been visited by Dr Daniela Hauf, responsible for the Council of Europe’s project entitled “Megalithic Routes”...
The aim of the conference "Early Monumentality and Social Diferentiation in Neolithic Europe: Megaliths, Societies, Landscapes" is to gather experts in research on megalithic and monumental... more
At the occasion of the Summer Seminar of the Cultural Routes which took place from 1st to 5th June 2015 in Osnabrück, Germany, the European Institute of Cultural Routes presented its new... more
An archaeological experiment with a diverse programme of events is planned for Assumption Day...
Borger – last week, the European Network ‘Megalithic Routes’ visited the Hunebedcentrum (NL) for a meeting.
On April 26th, the Commission for Westphalian Antiquities hosted for the first time the European Day of Megalithic culture in Beckum, where a well-preserved megalithic tomb is located in the district... more
In april 2014 Museum Southeast Denmark will launch a bicycle tour of megaliths on west møn. The route will focus on small roads and large megaliths.