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Geopark de Hondsrug


Geopark de Hondsrug
Bronnegerstraat 12
9531 TG Borger
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 6 22551281

The Hondsrug region is a unique Ice Age landscape in the Netherlands

The Hondsrug region was formed at the end of the penultimate Ice Age, about 150,000 years ago. Ridges, each about 70km long, are still visible in the landscape. They were scoured out by moving ice mass combined with large volumes of melt-water. The hunebed builders were very grateful for these higher areas in the landscape and made good use of them. They lived and worked there, built their burial monuments (the hunebeds) on them and laid out the first routes across them. The subsequent development of this region was based on these ancient routes that mark a history of 5500 years.

In September 2013 the Hondsrug region was officially recognised as part of the international network of Geoparks. There are 58 parks in Europe and 100 worldwide. The European network is known as the European Geopark Network and operates under the auspices of UNESCO. The Hondsrug region thus belongs to a network of unique regions across the world.

At various places in the Hondsrug region you can experience some of the local stories through exhibitions. In the Hunebedcentrum, for instance, you can see the story of the Ice Ages and prehistory; in the Veenpark in Barger Compascuum you can learn about peat; in the Stedelijk Museum in Coevorden you will find stories of war and conflict; and in the Van Gogh House in Nieuw Amsterdam there are stories about artists who were inspired by the landscape of the Hondsrug region.

The Hondsrug Geopark is managed by a small project office, based at the Hunebedcentrum in Borger. It operates under the ultimate responsibility of the foundation board of the the Hondsrug Geopark. The activities of the Hondsrug Geopark are made possible by the province of Drenthe and the municipalities.

Members of the foundation board:
Mr Jacob Bruintjes, chairman
Mr Hendrik Oosterveld, clerk
Mr Jan ten Sijthoff, treasurer
Mrs Margriet Drijver
Mrs Nina Hofstra

People Behind: 

Manager Geopark de Hondsrug
Cathrien Posthumus
Phone: +31 6 22551281

Secretary (Monday morning and Tuesday morning)
Gabrielle Kuster

Marketing and communication, events coordinator
Liesbeth Simon