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Dr. Jan Albert Bakker

From 1957 (student) till 2000 (universitair hoofddocent Culturele Prehistorie van NW Europa) he was a prehistoric archaeologist at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA). During that time (and still) he studied the TRB culture.
1972 he finished his Doctoral Thesis. In 1972 it was published in English as “The TRB Westgroup, Studies in the Chronology and Geography of the Makers of Hunebeds and Tiefstich Pottery". Amsterdam 1979. [Reprinted in 2009 by Sidestone Press, Leiden].
He has studied in particular the TRB culture, The Vlaardingen Culture, the Middle and Late Bronze Age occupation of Westfriesland (esp. at Hoogkarspel, N.-H.) and the archaeology of Gooiland, prov. Noord-Holland.


Dr. Jan Albert Bakker
Bothalaan 1
NL-3743 CS Baarn